Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's finished. Finally!

Post-production took twice as long as originally anticipated, but we believe the final product was worth the wait. An exclusive world premiere for cast, crew, friends and family is scheduled for Monday, December 1st at the beautiful and technically-advanced Landmark Theater in West L.A.

The movie's signature set piece is the elevator shaft finale sequence. Shot using only a partial set consisting of only one floor of the elevator shaft required the rest of the environment to be added digitally in post. The ambitious sequence was the main culprit for post-production taking as long as it did. The custom animation required to finalize the film's creature also proved challenging and time consuming. All in all the film includes 265 visual effects shots. That's a lot considering the film's budget!

Recently milestones also include putting the finishing touches on a Dolby Digital 5.1 discreet sound mix. Color grading using Apple's advanced Digital Intermediate software "Color" helped unify the film's four locations into a single setting, The Ravenwood building.


Dee Kevin Ace said...

I'm psyched. I can't wait.

Robert David Sanders said...

You better RSVP and grab your tickets before it's too late. ;)